Behind the Scenes

Music West takes pride in providing both our actors and audiences with Broadway-caliber, traditional and enjoyable musical experiences.  Some of our “backstage highlights” include:


· Live accompaniment for all our musicals — a rarity in community theater productions.  Music West is fortunate to collaborate with MK Music Services, one of the best orchestral contractors in the country.  Each of our shows features a distinct musical “pit” downstage, where our Music Director and musicians reside.  Our professional musicians have included piano, strings, reeds, brass and percussion, with each production having its own unique orchestral configuration to best match the score and highlight our performer’s voices.


· Unmatched technical services: Music West has been fortunate to have benefitted from the services of lighting and sound technicians with extensive experience at major theatrical and theme park venues throughout Southern California, and our actors and crew are supplied with the latest in stage lighting and special effects.  Each show brings us new and improved techniques, both in lighting and sound.


· Dramatic and elaborate stage sets — every Music West production utilizes not only artistically accurate and highly intricate sets, but structures and props that are fully functioning as well.  Our production team includes resident artists, designers, carpenters, and contractors, so the actors on stage feel as if they are truly in an Austrian mansion, a quaint Iowa town, London, England, an elaborate ocean liner, a 1930’s Midwestern bungalow, or an island in the South Pacific!


· Full costume outfitting: we provide our actors with detailed and period-style costuming for each production, with only minor pieces supplied by the performers.  Music West has a complete costume inventory, and is continually adding to the collection with each new show.


· Publicity —  In addition to businesses being highly supportive of our marketing efforts, our productions have been featured on FM radio, local television and in print and online media.  Our performers have marched in the community parades, and have even met a few celebrities who performed in the original movie versions of our shows, or on Broadway itself!




To contact us:

Phone: 310-641-9408


Text Box: Music West, Inc.,
A California Nonprofit Corporation